Below is the information and content I have been given for setting up your temporary home page of the website, and building the entire website and all it's sub-pages. This page is not visible to the public, it will be used to showcase any information, suggestions, or ideas that are expressed as desires for the website.


Well it can be left pretty basic for now. Until we have the keys to the dispensary there’s not a lot than can be put on the site. Business name, email, phone number.. something about a vertically integrated grow, process, and dispensary coming soon. You can put that we will have a booth at cannacon and some info about that

It just needs a homepage that looks better than “under construction” it feels like you’re making things way more difficult and time consuming for both of us than they need to be. Time is the one thing I don’t have.. And lately liquid assets because all my money is being invested.. so if you can’t do these basic things for reasonable prices then I will have to find someone who can.

Everyone who goes to cannabis industry websites goes to look at address, hours of operation, menu, and daily/weekly specials. As someone who has been going back and forth to CO anywhere from 12-24 times a year and frequents many different dispensaries while there, that’s what people are looking for, that’s what they care about, that’s why they go to the website. They want to see product, prices, location, hours.. and maybe some go there to see employment opportunities

What are the top 3 things you hope your visitor does while on your temporary page?

What content/information will you use to help get your customer to do what you want?

How do you plan to drive traffic to the page?

Where would you prefer traffic go to when it leaves your page?

E-mail: info@urbanfloraherb.com


Phone: (Do you want your cell? Is there an office number?)

Social Media Pages: (Need to get the @addresses)


Coming soon, a vertically integrated grow, process and dispensary.
* What does that mean for your customer?
* A random visitor to your site who is not already quite knowledgeable about cannabis, will they know what that means?


There will be a booth at Cannacon  - some info about that.

* What should your customers expect?
* How do they find you at cannacon?
* Does it cost for them to attend?
* What about you being at cannacon is something that will interest your customers?
* Why should anyone come to your booth at cannacon?
* Are there any special items/events they can expect at your cannacon showing?

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