Urban Flora is a one-of-a-kind OKC medical marijuana company providing guaranteed quality medical marijuana products that are as pure and effective as they can be. Unlike many other businesses in our industry, we control every step of our process. From seed to dispensary, everything is carefully handled with our high-quality standards.

For our patients, this means that there is no guessing, worrying, or uncertainty about the quality of the product they’re purchasing. Urban Flora patients have the peace of mind of knowing what they purchase is exactly what it says it is.

Our Oklahoma dispensaries will be clean, safe, beautiful, and comfortable. As a patient, your shopping experience at Urban Flora dispensary will be unlike any other dispensary you may have visited in the past. For those of you who do not live near one of our dispensaries, our products will also be available in other medical marijuana dispensaries.

So when you find yourself browsing through the different products a dispensary has to offer, make sure to look for the black and gold flower packaging of Urban Flora. If you are looking consistently high-quality cannabis products, that is exactly what you will find here at Urban Flora!

We are family owned and operated right here in the great state of Oklahoma!  If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.  

Urban Flora

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Oklahoma City, OK

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